Eli and the mystery of the Hallowshine dragon

“An inventive, nicely illustrated fantasy emphasizing determination, bravery, and magic.” — Kirkus Reviews

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in one of the most magical picture books about friendship!


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One of the newest picture books about friendship, Eli and the mystery of the Hallowshine dragon tells a magical lesson on how important it is to support each other no matter what challenges we may face in life.


Being outside of your comfort zone is how you can learn more about yourself and gain an inner strength that will help you to pursue your dreams.


Being unique is what makes each one of us special! Welcome your friends’ and your own differences.

Eve Cabanel

The Author

Eve was raised in the French countryside by the woods where she played in suspended tree houses amongst wild forest animals, like the character Eli in her book. As a child, Eve had a goat and pet chicken that would follow her everywhere. An animal and nature lover at an early age, she rescued baby squirrels and encountered foxes, deer, and hedgehogs on a regular basis.

Originally from France, Eve currently lives in Montreal, Canada. When she isn’t writing imaginative and uplifting stories for children, Eve loves to travel, discover new places, and play with her one-year-old son and their two cats, Buddy and Charlie.

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A magical picture book about friendship
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